The tobacco is actually an organic moiety as it has a complex structure and a very complex mechanism inside the human body. The tobacco pouches that are available in the market are actually made after looking all the properties and the safety of the tobacco. As it is organic, it is getting very easily oxidized and can be affected easily by the open air or any other pollutant that are present in the atmosphere. However, getting oxidized will make it almost like a rusted iron, that is just a heavy weight but of no use. It will be left with no aroma, no taste, but chances are there that its harmful effects may increase and may cause even more serious injuries to the human body.

This is the reason, that the tobacco pouches have a clear instruction over it, that it should be consumed within one day after it is opened. These pouches are actually very critically packed, so that there will be no chance of the open air to enter inside.

Freshness and moisture level of Tobacco has to be maintained, thus its packaging is done with even high care, and even the minute step is taken very slowly with utmost care and huge precautionary level.